Thank You From Brigid


It’s 9:45pm on Sunday evening (it’s been a long day!), and I finally have the chance to sit down and write you all a note to thank you for a REALLY good concert on Saturday!  With the exception of a couple of lapses in concert decorum (!) you came over as polished and poised, with good blend and (mostly) good communication.  The best things, musically, were “What Child is This” and “Jul, Jul”, but you bounced your way through “Three in White” with smiles, and “Hope for Resolution” made a great first half ender.  As Cathy said, there were lots of positive audience reactions, and many people saying “the best one yet!”

Thank you, as always, to Tom – calm and musical at the keys – and special thanks to Bill Brooks who came in at the last moment to play “marimba”.

For the lunchtime singout at St Paul’s on Saturday (the evening one is OFF) you’ll need your red folders, but bring “Jul” and “Night of Silence” – and probably to Courtyard Gardens for Tuesday week as well. I’ll get program lists out for both performances.  And this is just a reminder, that if you’re doing Courtyard Gardens, you should either have had your flu shot, or, even though fit and healthy, not interact with the residents (though I don’t really want you singing with a mask on!)

Hoping to see most of you on Tuesday at the party!