Christmas Party Information

Hope to see everybody at the party Tuesday night, about 7:00.  For information about where, when and what to bring please click HERE.

Once you get to Edgewater here is how you find the recreation centre and info about parking..

Edgewater Recreation Building

The Rec Centre is in the middle of the Edgewater Park Townhouse Development. Directions are as follows. Come West on Williams Rd. until you can’t go any further and the last driveway on the right-hand side is actually the roadway for the development. Proceed along the roadway (being mindful of our large speed bumps) about two long city blocks worth and the Rec Centre is on your right, there is a pool right beside it as well. There is some parking in front of the Rec Centre, and more parking a little further north on the right-hand side as well. If you are unable to find any parking you can also park on Williams and walk in.  The Rec Centre is fully equipped with a stove with an oven, microwave and fridge. Looking forward to seeing you all there, don’t forget your red folders, santa hats and a flashlight for carol singing. J