Simple Ways to Help Promote ROCA


Forward our e-newsletter

You don't have to be a social media expert to help promote our concerts, simply forwarding our newsletters with a personal message to your friends and family is one of the best ways you can help us promote the Richmond Orchestra & Chorus concerts.

When you receive our event newsletter, forward it to your email contacts with a personal message or simply copy and paste the message below, then edit as needed:

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Rising Stars 2016 generated the most traffic to our website to date - and it was all done through social media.  As a result, the orchestra benefited from the highest audience turn out it has ever had and the highest profit ever made on a single concert in the last five years and possibly more.  The best part was that ROCA did not spend a dime in marketing this event, other than the $35.00 for posters.

Click on the PDF files below and learn how to share events on your timeline and invite your friends to our event pages.

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like, share, review and comment

As we approach sponsors and advertisers for financial support, it has become increasingly important to show active engagement from our social media users.  We have consistent posts through out the week, and we could benefit from some extra social media muscle.  For example:

- If you like a post, then "like" it.
- If you want to share an event or article, then "share" it on your timeline.
- If you like being a member of the orchestra or chorus, why not write a review?