A big thank you to everybody who sold tickets and/or attended the Night at the Metro last week.  After deducting costs we made just over $1500 from the evening!

If you have any comments about the evening (good or bad!) please email me at so I can pass them on the the board as we move forward with other fundraising ideas.

As you know ROCA must show evidence of fundraising on any grant application we make.  So if you have ideas or thoughts for future fundraising ventures please let me know. Or if you are in the orchestra, Robert Bridson will be glad to take your ideas as well. 

Countdown to Night at the Metro

Many thanks to everybody who sold tickets for this fundraiser.  It should be a fun show!

If you still need to buy tickets they are available on-line.  Here are two links you can use to  send out one last push to your friends and family and/or buy tickets directly through VTIX.




Are you getting all the information you should be getting?

Many ROCA members think that if they have signed up for the ROCA members' blog, they automatically receive all the information which comes out from Meghan and the ROCA office.  But you ALSO have to subscribe to the e-newsletter which comes out quite regularly with information regarding upcoming concerts and other events, like the Night at the Metro.  In the future we hope to combine the two for our members, but until then please scroll down to the bottom of the ROCA website home page and enter the required information to subscribe to the e-newsletter.  This will ensure you are receiving all pertinent information.



Volunteers Needed: To Move Timpani

Dear Members,

I require some assistance in moving the timpani for the Rising Stars concert and was hoping that someone with a van or large vehicle could help out.

Here are the details:

February 13 - Move timpani from storage room to Fraserview before the orchestra rehearsal
February 19 or any day after - Move timpani from Fraserview to the storage room

If you are available, please let me know.  I would very much appreciate the help!  Thanks!

Office: 604-276-2747


Huge Effort Needed Now!! Night at the Metro

Night at the Metro.  Wednesday, January 31st at the Metro Theatre, 1370 Marine Drive SW, Vancouver

Hi Orchestra, Chorus and Board Members

We really need folks to get out and sell tickets for this fundraiser.  The proceeds go to benefit both groups and are an important part of our budget this year.  ROCA will have to absorb the costs of unsold tickets.

So please SELL! SELL! SELL!  Tickets only $20.

Here's a synopsis of what the play's about.  Looks like fun!

Crisp, witty, exchanges of dialogue fill this inventive Britsh thriller.  A writer’s wife wants to divorce him, but he has no intention of doing so.  Full of exciting twists and turns as each character, writer, wife, publisher, secretary and neighbour turn the tables on each other.  Who are the victims and who are the killers?  This is a plot that will keep you guessing until the very end.

2018 - 2019 Season Plan Ahead!!

Please find below the outline of the 2018-2019 Concert Season.  The board and the Artistic Directors think it is an exciting season of music which we know you'll enjoy performing.  

PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW!!!  These dates will not change and we hope that you will keep them open and available to perform with your respective group.  

We are particularly excited about June 1, 2019 when we will be performing with Dee Daniels.  If you have not heard her yet, please check out her website at or look for her on YouTube.  One link on her website, "Dee Daniels LIve at Biblo" really exemplifies the Dee I have seen at various concerts. 

2018-2019 Concert Season

November 3:  Orchestra and Chorus: Beethoven’s Choral Fantasia with Sascha Starcevich as soloist

December 8:   Orchestra and Chorus

                1st half:  Short version of Messiah ~40 minutes

                           2nd half: About 30 minutes of seasonal music which will be “lighter” than the Messiah, but still reflect the mood of the music

February 16:  Orchestra: Rising Stars

March 10:  Chorus: Jewish repertoire both folk and sacred

 April 13th:  Orchestra  only

                      i.     No theme yet, but James will look into the getting a French Horn soloist playing some Mozart repertoire

June 1:  Orchestra and Chorus: Dee Daniels



ROCA Christmas Party 2017 - December 19th at 7:00pm

It's the annual ROCA Christmas Party!  Here are the details provided by the social committee:

What: ROCA Christmas Party 2017

When: Tuesday, December 19, 2017 @ 7 pm

Where: Party room at Edgewater Village condos, 3031 Williams Road, Richmond (by the pool)

Food: Bring your own tasty desserts and savouries for sharing. With the choir's performance of the Pie Carols, thoughts are moving in that direction.

Beverages: Coffee and tea provided. Bring your own other beverages of choice (alcoholic or not), and your own glass / mug / beer straw.

Odds and ends: There will be time for in-house entertainment. A few people have stepped forward so far, and more are welcome. (A strict no Facebook / Instagram policy will be in place.) Points may be given for courage in wearing an Ugly Christmas Sweater (tm). Choir members can bring their red carol folders, in case a carolling mood strikes (and remember to dress warmly).

Gift exchange: To participate, please bring a wrapped gift of not more than $10 value. (Remembering that price is what you pay, and value is what you get.)