ROCA Fundraiser: Return-It

Help the environment and support ROCA by returning your empty beverage containers to a Return-It Express location near you.

1. With Return-It Express there's no need to sort. Simply place your empty beverage containers securely into a "Blue" or transparent bag.   The bags simply need to be “Blue Recycling Bags” or transparent bags. These bags can be purchased at almost any grocery, drug store or hardware outlet. Glad, Western Family, Life, Safeway, No Name, HDX all will work with the Express system.  I

2. Visit the Return-It Express kiosk at one of the locations and use our registered phone number: 604-276-2747.  Once you have entered the phone number, ROCA Richmond Orchestra & Chorus will appear at the top of the screen at which time you will be asked to confirm that you want your return to credit our account.

3. Select how many bags you have. (* 6-bag limit per drop off.)  Once you're finished, the kiosk will print off labels for you to stick on each bag.  It's important that each bag receives its own sticker.

4. Place your bags into the Express Kiosk chute and you are done!  Encorp Return-It will sort and count the deposit. It's that simple!

To find a location near you, please visit: