Rising Stars 2017: Musical Beginnings

Since 2009, the Richmond Orchestra has organised an annual “Rising Stars” concert that invites young local musicians the opportunity to rehearse and perform with a full orchestra. Rehearsing with an orchestra, learning how to work with a conductor and orchestra musicians, performing for audiences from the community helps a young performer refine techniques, build social relationships within the music community and experience their music as an art rather than just a skill. 

This year we were proud to feature the winners of the Richmond Music Festival Concerto and Composition Challenges as our 2017 Rising Stars: 

Austin Ng - Piano
Julie Wu - Piano
Ryan Zhu - Piano
Corina Deng - Violin
Matthieu Foresi - Composer
Bruno Cavalca - Composer

Images from Rising Stars 2017

We want to congratulate our 2017 Rising Stars participants Bruno Cavalca, Corina Deng, Matthieu Foresi, Austin Ng, Julie Wu and Ryan Zhu!  Here are some moments captured from the rehearsals and concert:

RBC Emerging Artists Project Grant

Cathy Bayley (ROCA President) and Francis Hung (RBC Branch Manager)

Cathy Bayley (ROCA President) and Francis Hung (RBC Branch Manager)

We would like to thank the RBC Foundation's Emerging Artists Project for making our Rising Stars 2017 concert possible. Thank you for your continued support of the arts and youth programs in the City of Richmond and nationwide!