BC Choral Federation Raffle Tickets Prize Draw April 25th

Many, many thanks to all of you who have sold BCCF raffle tickets for ROCA this year.  As I mentioned before this is a great fundraiser for us and if we can sell all the books we received from the BCCF we will suffer no financial penalty.

You may recall that 2 books have been donated as prizes. One book is for the biggest seller who sells 3 or more books.  The other book will be awarded from a draw of all those who were able to sell at least 2 books.

In order to be in the running for one of these books, you must return your books to either Karen Tardif (chorus) or Robert Bridson (orchestra) on or before Tuesday, April 25th.  The prize books will be awarded at the end of rehearsal on April 25th.  Unfortunately, although we will still really appreciate you selling more books until May2, for logistic reasons we must have the prize draw a week early on April 25th.