Tickets Sales

A big thank you to everybody who was able to sell tickets to our concerts last year. Our raison d’être, for both chorus and orchestra members is to share our love of music amongst ourselves and with our audience, so the more tickets we can sell the better!

Why encourage your friends to buy tickets on-line?

            If at all possible the board would like to encourage you to ask your friends and family to buy tickets on-line.  Fortunately, ROCA is in a position to absorb the on-line costs so an on-line ticket doesn’t cost any more.   And very important for ROCA, an on-line ticket sale helps us to track our ticket sales more easily and stay in touch with more people through social media.  Finally, the more tickets we can sell on-line the more accurately we will be able to determine the number of concert programs and tickets we need to print which will help us save more in the long run.

Group tickets

            Some members have really liked the opportunity to sell tickets in groups of 10 and get a reduced price for each ticket.  Unfortunately, this has been a logistical nightmare for Karen Tardif, who tracks chorus tickets, and our administrator, Meghan, who tracks all tickets. 

At the June board meeting the board decided that we will still offer group tickets BUT:

1.      Tickets sold through group tickets will now be $15 each.

2.     Group tickets must be paid for in advance by the seller.  So if you take a group of 10 tickets to sell at this reduced rate, you must pay $150 in advance.

Season Tickets

            Anyone who buys a ticket for the first concert of the season, Russian Romantics, can put the purchase of that ticket towards a season ticket.  The season’s ticket is a great value at 30% off the regular ticket price.  So gentle (or not so gentle!!) hints to your friends and family to take advantage of this offer at the first concert is encouraged!