Your Mom could win $3000!!!

Wouldn't your Mom love to win $3000!!   Mother's Day is coming up soon and this might be a perfect "topper-upper" gift for her.  Or buy one for you best friend, your neighbour, your babysitter...  $3000 is the first prize in the BC Choral Federation raffle which ROCA is  participating in. 

If we sell all the books we will make $1500 which will go a long way to help with all our operating costs for both the orchestra and chorus.  BUT WE STILL HAVE 10 BOOKS LEFT!   If we DON'T sell these books, ROCA has to buy them anyway, at a reduced price, but it still will cut into our profit.

Thank you so much to all of you who have bought and/or sold tickets.  If you haven't done so yet, or even if you have, please consider bringing $20 to rehearsal on Tuesday and getting one more book for yourself or some other lucky person.  If you are in the orchestra please give your money to Michelle Poon and we'll make sure a book gets filled out for you.  Chorus members, please see Cathy Bayley for a book.