Message from Brigid to the Chorus

BIG thanks to all of you for a great week of concerts - yesterday afternoon felt very good!

Day off today - and then tomorrow (Tuesday) is

  • caroling for Concert Realty - I have (S) Anna & Doris, (A) Cathy B & me, (T) Graeme & Don (B) Rick & Bill     - 8-10am at 5811 Cooney Road; dress Christmassy!   Remember to return stuff from the concert to your caroling folders.  Anyone else want to join us?  This venue has space (and a great acoustic) - and lots of tasty breakfast pastries!
  • Orchestra concert at South Arm United, 7:30pm - admission by donation, with all proceeds to the Food Bank - there'll be at least the two Carols for Choirs versions of O Come All Ye Faithful and Hark the Herald - sopranos ready with descants. If you can come, wear your ROCA button, and dress Christmassy

Thursday 15 Dec: caroling for Concert Realty - quartet only: Anna, me, Graeme, Rick (there's minimal space!); 8-10am at 1190 Hornby Street, Vancouver

Monday 19 December - traveling carols:  I've made a decision that we won't stop for lunch - we'll just keep going, so bring something to munch between gigs or stick it out till 2pm. If you're only doing one or the other half, join us according to the schedule. There's a fair bit of wiggle-room in it - some places we sing longer or shorter...

  • 10am - Richmond City Hall (park there)
  • 10:30am - we walk over to Long & McQuade
  • 11am - we walk over to The Caring Place
  • back to pick up cars, and then
  • 11:30am - Richmond Food Bank (5800 Cedarbridge Way)
  • 12:15pm - Cat Sanctuary (3380 No 6 Road - turn in at Phoenix Perennials & right to the back).  I have some Catmas Carols for this
  • 1pm - Shelley Morris (ROCA office) 10691 Shellbridge Way - we sing O Chanukah here....
  • 1:30pm - Rotary Hospice House - 6460 No 4 Road (best to park on Alberta Road) - done by 2pm
  • morning shift:  (S) Laura, Anna, Karen T   (A) Liz, Jennifer, Kate, Glenda   (T)  Graeme, Paul    (B) Bill, Rick, Brian
  • afternoon shift: (S) Laura, Susan, Ruth   (A)  Liz, Jennifer   (T) Graeme, Paul, Barry   (B)  Brian   

It would be lovely to have another alto and another bass for the second shift.  Let me know if you can join us.


And then the party on Tuesday 20 December!   And a Christmas break.  And back to work on Tuesday 3 January...   If you can't make any of the caroling or the Christmas party, have a wonderful Christmas, and some rest and relaxation before we start again in the New Year.


Thanks again for the weekend past!