Social Media Strategy - Volunteering has become so easy!!

Many thanks to those of you who have used social media to promote ROCA the last few years. All your work has been very appreciated.

Meghan Verdejo, our new administrator has created a social media strategy to take us into the future and as you will see, she has made it very easy for volunteers by outlining specific categories we need to address, creating a time line for posts and setting up a Google calendar to help remind us when posts need to be completed. 

Please read the following list of categories and see if you could help out with any of them.  We would like at least 10 people working on this from both the Chorus and the Orchestra.  If you can help, or have questions, email Meghan at

Social Media - Members' Blog Post

Facebook - Concert Promotion and Event Promotion

Volunteers Required: 2

Before the event: 

• Invite followers and encourage them to invite their friends

• Regularly update events page with relevant information

• Add promotional image or blurb to page banner with a “call to action”

• Share images, bios, links and/or materials of the guest speakers and artists

• Share teasers such as rehearsal photos, flower draw prize, interesting music facts, etc.

• Hash-tag event names in each post

After the event: 

• Share images and videos

• Post and promote a short survey or poll to engage fans and followers to drive engagement and get feedback

• Review the comments and conversations on wall

• Post "Thank You!" to guest speakers and artists - share a specific moment 

• Thank sponsors and donors by creating customized tabs that showcase financial contributors

• Begin promotion for next event

Announcements, News and General Posts

Volunteers Required: 2-3

• Post examples: new members, job positions, ticket promotions

• FREE community performances (for example: Christmas carolling venues and times or exhibit at RCSS)

• Projects and awards - interviews or testimonials from performers, project participants, and award recipients

• #TBT - ROCA Throwback Thursday

• Create contests, polls and surveys on social media platforms

• Industry news – re-share music industry news, industry studies or new music technology and/or products, music competition results, etc.

Sponsors, Advertisers, Cross Promotion

Volunteers Required: 1

• Neutral acknowledgement of sponsors on event pages - include logo and link to their websites

• Thank sponsors and advertisers on all platforms - include mixed media and graphics

Throwback Thursday - #throwbackthursday or  #TBT

Volunteers Required: 1 project manager, but many contributors

“The art of Throwback Thursday is selecting an appropriately nostalgia-inducing picture from a different era of your life” – source Katie Knibbs on Digital Trends

• Category structure of #TBT - 20+ years, 15+ years, 10+ years, 5+ years

• Posts/articles should be relevant, relatable, nostalgic, funny, etc. 

• Try matching #TBT post to a holiday or ROCA anniversary

• Ask members for the earliest photos anyone ever took of ROCA – could be photos of founders, original members or first ever concert program or poster

• Added benefit of involving all members and archiving history at the same time

Crowdfunding via Social Media Platforms and Kickstarter

Volunteers Required: 2-3

• Begin crowdfunding campaign after all social media platforms have been generating more followers and engagement – a solid social media presence needs to be in place

• Select a campaign hash-tag

• Create a Facebook page for the campaign to amplify reach – deliver campaign news to advocates and backers for re-shares, comments and “calls to action”

• Increase awareness and drive contributions to campaign through informative (80% of campaign) and sales-type posts (20% of campaign) – educate and inform without focusing on asking for donations

• Mention important milestones – major funding milestone 

• Share stories from supporters, post campaign updates, behind-the-scenes looks, and impact/success stories

• Focus on creating shareable content

• Prepare as you would a grant proposal – include objectives, budget, etc. 

• Video clips of project 

• Create a press kit of the project for media outlets and reach out to news outlets

• Introduce project team to let supporters meet the people behind the campaign

• Thank contributors and thank community