Welcome to our 30th season! Time to pay those fees!

We're looking forward to another fabulous season of music making! And now it's time for all members to register for the new season and pay your fees.

First rehearsal for the chorus will be on Tuesday, September 8th, at 7:30pm and the orchestra on Tuesday, September 15th, at 7:30pm.. Please see locations below.

Membership fees will be collected at this time. Regular fees for both orchestra and chorus members are $200 for the season. Student fees are  $75. We would prefer all fees be paid at the time of registration, but if necessary you may pay in 2 installments, half in September and half in January. However, the January check must be post dated and received in September when you register.  

Please remember to bring your fee payment to the first rehearsals. You do not need to print this form if you have submitted it through the website.

As a member of ROCA you are now receiving automated emails through the members' blog. if you ever lose an email, the information is on the website in the Members' Section. The password is rocaisgr8.

ORCHESTRA                                                      Palmer Secondary                                                 8160 St Albans Rd


Broadmoor Baptist Church
8140 Saunders Road