Chorus Singouts Nov. 25 and 28

Wednesday 25 November – Business Awards Dinner – River Rock

·         Karen, Esther, Soyoung / Pat, Genny / Barry, Don / Gordon, Charles, Bill

Dress: women – new tops, black dress pants; men – black shirts (no tie)

Meet at stage entrance (east end); dressing room is downstairs.

6:15 call; we sing at 6:25pm (theoretically!)

O Canada seems to have fallen off the website – attached here


Saturday 28 November – Winter Wonderland – City Hall

·         Amy, Laura, Mary, KarenT, Capary, Esther, KathyR

·         Genny, Helen, PatB, Letty, Bernadette, Jennufer, CathyB

·         Bob, Don, Barry

·         Peter, Bill, Gord, Victor

Dress: Christmassy – reds/greens, hats, scarves, Christmas pins, ties etc

You need: Red Carol Folder; Carolers’ Handbook; Jul jul; Night of Silence

There’s a reception upstairs for the chosen few; then they come downstairs and there’s a singalong. 

We will be the warmup act before the singalong, as the audience is gathering!  Plan to be there for 12noon; we’ll do a set 12:10-12:30-ish.

                6: Ding dong merrily / 3: Carol of the bells / 15: Jingle bell rock

                18: Lo how a rose / Concert rep: Jul, Jul / 26: De Virgin Mary / Concert rep: Night of Silence

                CH p.37: O Christmas Tree / CH p.42 Jingle Bells

Once Malcolm Brodie gets to the piano at 12:30pm, it’s mostly singalonga – his harmony will often not fit with what you have written. Don’t worry too much about singing from the music; go for words and tune, and fake the harmony if needed!


Anyone who’s not doing either of these, I’ll see you at FRASERVIEW for the December 1 rehearsal!