Chorus Performance Notes

Rehearsal notes – please Read, Mark, Learn and Inwardly Digest…

1.      Introit & Kyrie

·         Page 7 – much more eye-contact, please – notes are not difficult!

·         Page 8/9 – tenor and soprano melodies should be memorised and off copy

·         Page 9-10 transition: NO DIMINUENDO till bar 58

·         F onwards – you shouldn’t need to look at your music at all!

2.      Offertory

·         Tenors are flatting, mostly on the repeated B’s, 7-10, and then on the C#s, 15-18

·         As orchestra and soloist finish the Hostias at G, you need to be concentrating for the new entry and the tempo change

·         Big crescendo at 82-83 and then DON’T let it go until after the page turn

·         Bar 90 is very dangerous for early breaths – LISTEN to the altos.

·         91/92 needs careful listening; big steps going up, don’t let it sag coming down; SPIN the sound and listen to the organ for tuning. If you can’t hear it, you’re too loud!

3.      Sanctus

·         Breathe early with each phrase so you can float the sound.  Sopranos (tenors and basses too, but I hear it worst in sopranos) – the tone from B flat to C is much wider than you think, and the hooded “oo” vowel of Sanctus flats very easily.  You need to make sure that it’s always the same B flat you return to

·         After C – make sure that the 8th note pickup is only an 8th, and not a 16th – a couple of people are rushing it.

4.      Pie J – lovely, Amy!

5.      Agnus Dei

·         Another melody that needs to be memorised and right out of copy

·         C onwards; sopranos, the danger is that the first note and the last note of bar 48/50/56 etc do not always match – use your good singing technique to support all the way. You tend to pull this whole passage down…

·         E onwards – as the beginning – out of copy!

6.      Libera me

·         Be ready to explode on the “Dies Illa” after C; at D don’t let it be slower even though it’s piano, and then be ready to build to 77 and prep the diminuendo there.

·         At E, altos and basses, EYES!

·         At F, this is another “to be memorised” melody- very focused but also very quiet; it’s magical when you can get that suppressed tension into it

7.      In Paradisum

·         Sopranos, I shouldn’t need to have to do this with you four times – you know how to prep the sound, and where you need to think about going over onto a note and not climbing up to it.  You finally got what I was asking for, but you have to find a way of marking that into you copy

·         Please be very careful about the difference between dotted 8ths and even 8ths – there’s nearly always someone (not always the same person) who makes a mistake

·         Last page everyone – notes are not hard, words are not hard, OUT OF COPY, please!

I think this can be a wonderful concert – but I need 110% focus from you all, please!