Rising Stars 2016 - Artist Feature - Sue Wang

On February 27, 2016 at 7:30pm, Sue Wang, one of four winners of the Richmond Music Festival Concerto Competition will be performing the first movement from Camille Saint-Saën's Piano Concerto No. 2 in G minor, Op. 22.  In our weekly artist feature, we asked our Rising Star to answer a few questions:  

How long have you been playing the piano?

About 7 and a half years.

Why did you choose to play the piano?

I’ve loved music since I was very little, so my parents wanted me to try out different instruments to see if I liked any of them. When I started piano lessons (which was the first instrument they offered me), I loved the piano and continued to play until now.

What other instruments do you play?

My second instrument is violin, which I play in the Coquitlam Youth Orchestra. I also play bassoon and double bass in my school band.

Why did you choose to perform this concerto?

My teacher gave me a choice between two different piano concertos, and I chose this one because I really liked it. The entire piece is gorgeous with its contrasts, drama, and beautiful melodies. The key (G minor) is one of my favourite keys as well.

What were the most challenging aspects of learning your concerto and why? And how did you overcome them?

 The hardest part was probably keeping my energy up throughout the concerto – the piece has nearly no breaks or rests, and because of my small hand size I found playing the octave sections tiring. As I practiced it more, I gradually got better at playing through until the end without getting really tired, but it’s still something I’m hoping to improve on.

Who is your favourite composer and why?

My favourite composer is Chopin because, well, his music just sounds good. One of the reasons I like Chopin is that his music can be found in so many different moods and emotions. From triumphant to hauntingly beautiful, from simple to virtuosic - and he does all of it so well. Another reason is that I like the style of the Romantic Era a lot and Chopin is basically one of the representatives of that style.

When you are not practicing the piano you are probably…?

Reading, drawing, doing other music related things (practicing other instruments, listening to music, writing music, etc.), or doing schoolwork.


Saturday, February 27, 2016 - 7:30pm
Richmond Pentecostal Church
9300 Westminster Highway Richmond, BC, V6X 1B1 Canada


Adult: $18.00
Senior/Student: $15.00
Children (under 13): $6.00

Advanced tickets can be purchased online or in person at Long and McQuade in Richmond (6760 No 3 Rd, Richmond, BC V6Y 2C2).

For detailed event information please visit: http://www.roca.ca/2015-2016-concert-season/2015/12/30/rising-stars