Operatic Gems for Your Musical Soul!

Opera is probably one of the most challenging things to be part of.  There are so many things to be aware of!  Opera singers bring the drama and flair to the music, adding that emotional depth that makes the performance pop.  But did you know, orchestra members also bring that kind of musical drama as well?

In some of these operatic gems, we are staring at pages and pages of eight notes, and eventually, they all look like the same notes, over and over again.  And if you're a percussionist, it is an exercise in patience and counting.  But when we put this together with the choir and soloists, these passages transform - from something seemingly repetitive to a lively, energetic introduction.  For example, the Overture to Le Nozze di Figaro (Mozart) begins with the strings playing a bustling theme, giving imagery of a bright, Spanish countryside.  Full of life, you can Mozart's flair for the fanciful in the flutes, with their occasional bursts of music over the steadiness in the basses. With different instruments interjecting with the theme, the overall overture is reflective of the opera itself, light-hearted, playful, and full of mischief.    

These pieces in this upcoming concerts are familiar favourites, and while there might be a couple of those high notes that makes these pieces a little harder to sing along with, I promise you'll go home humming them in your head.  Join us for an evening of a little drama, as opera is just that. Drama for your eyes, drama for your ears, and drama for your musical soul.  

Michelle Poon