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Huge Effort Needed Now!! Night at the Metro

Night at the Metro.  Wednesday, January 31st at the Metro Theatre, 1370 Marine Drive SW, Vancouver

Hi Orchestra, Chorus and Board Members

We really need folks to get out and sell tickets for this fundraiser.  The proceeds go to benefit both groups and are an important part of our budget this year.  ROCA will have to absorb the costs of unsold tickets.

So please SELL! SELL! SELL!  Tickets only $20.

Here's a synopsis of what the play's about.  Looks like fun!

Crisp, witty, exchanges of dialogue fill this inventive Britsh thriller.  A writer’s wife wants to divorce him, but he has no intention of doing so.  Full of exciting twists and turns as each character, writer, wife, publisher, secretary and neighbour turn the tables on each other.  Who are the victims and who are the killers?  This is a plot that will keep you guessing until the very end.

2018 - 2019 Season Plan Ahead!!

Please find below the outline of the 2018-2019 Concert Season.  The board and the Artistic Directors think it is an exciting season of music which we know you'll enjoy performing.  

PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW!!!  These dates will not change and we hope that you will keep them open and available to perform with your respective group.  

We are particularly excited about June 1, 2019 when we will be performing with Dee Daniels.  If you have not heard her yet, please check out her website at or look for her on YouTube.  One link on her website, "Dee Daniels LIve at Biblo" really exemplifies the Dee I have seen at various concerts. 

2018-2019 Concert Season

November 3:  Orchestra and Chorus: Beethoven’s Choral Fantasia with Sascha Starcevich as soloist

December 8:   Orchestra and Chorus

                1st half:  Short version of Messiah ~40 minutes

                           2nd half: About 30 minutes of seasonal music which will be “lighter” than the Messiah, but still reflect the mood of the music

February 16:  Orchestra: Rising Stars

March 10:  Chorus: Jewish repertoire both folk and sacred

 April 13th:  Orchestra  only

                      i.     No theme yet, but James will look into the getting a French Horn soloist playing some Mozart repertoire

June 1:  Orchestra and Chorus: Dee Daniels



ROCA Christmas Party - WE NEED A DATE!

We are trying to find a date in December to hold a Christmas party for all orchestra and chorus members.  It will be at the Edgewater Clubhouse on Williams Road in Richmond.  It would be wonderful to get a big crowd together to celebrate not only the season, but also our sure to be awesome combined concert on November 4th.  Please use this link to complete a survey of dates.




Founding Concertmaster of Tafelmusik to perform with ROCA!

We have 3 superb soloists performing with us at the November 4th concert, including Nancy DiNovo, the founding concertmaster of the world renowned Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra. Attached are the bios of the three soloists, from which you may want to quote as you promote the concert with your friends and family.  We have just one month to go, so let's get out there and sell those tickets!

Soloist Bios

Chorus Rehearsal Schedule for Dona Nobis

Dona Nobis Pacem rehearsals

Hi, folks

With Light Up The Choirs safely behind us (thanks to all who supported!) we’ve got to put full focus onto the Dona Nobis Pacem, and (I hope) start easing some Christmas stuff in.This schedule will no doubt adapt, but it will help with where you need to be putting your own practice at home.  What I hope you have been doing is reinforcing at home the stuff we’ve been reading for the first time in rehearsal.  Now I need you not only to do that, but also to do some careful prep on what’s coming up.  It will be something like:

26 September

**sectional with S/T in Fireside Room and A/B in choir room – working

·      pp.6-11

·      pp.14 (15), 16, 19-20

·      pp.38-39

full rehearsal to read through

·     pp.48-52, review 54 to end

3 October

**sectional with T/B in Fireside Room and S/A in choir room

·      pp.1-5

·      pp.10-14, 17-18

·      pp.22-24., 26-28- this is the heart of it, and needs to be known!

·      pp.30-36, 40-45

·      pp.48-52 review of last week’s work on 54-end

10 October

**run-through, warts and all, identifying where we need to tidy (and then doing it!)

17 October

**rehearsal with Orchestra, AGM, more rehearsal with Orchestra (and then some Christmas stuff)

24 October

**mop-up time – this is where you need to be able to ID trouble spots and ask for checking

MONDAY 30 October

**7:30pm rehearsal with Orchestra, not past 9pm – and then some Christmas stuff

Saturday 4 November

**12noon rehearsal – done by 2pm, I hope, so you can get some vocal rest

**7pm call for 7:30pm concert

If you are missing rehearsals, it is your responsibility to catch up on what you have missed.  This is not a concert that can be done on Tuesday rehearsals only – it needs homework



BC Choral Federation Raffle Tickets Prize Draw April 25th

Many, many thanks to all of you who have sold BCCF raffle tickets for ROCA this year.  As I mentioned before this is a great fundraiser for us and if we can sell all the books we received from the BCCF we will suffer no financial penalty.

You may recall that 2 books have been donated as prizes. One book is for the biggest seller who sells 3 or more books.  The other book will be awarded from a draw of all those who were able to sell at least 2 books.

In order to be in the running for one of these books, you must return your books to either Karen Tardif (chorus) or Robert Bridson (orchestra) on or before Tuesday, April 25th.  The prize books will be awarded at the end of rehearsal on April 25th.  Unfortunately, although we will still really appreciate you selling more books until May2, for logistic reasons we must have the prize draw a week early on April 25th. 



Ryerson Church Redevelopment ProjectI

I am copying an email sent out by the director of the Elektra Choir, Morna Edmundson.  For those of you who don't know Morna, she is an extremely well respected choral director, not just in BC and Canada, but internationally as well.  

Whether or not you are in favour of the proposal it is good to know that the opportunity for input is now available.  Just follow the link in Morna's email.

I have also included, with his permission, a link to a favourable comment submitted to the city by the chorus's Paul Ohannesian which will give you some more insight into the project itself. 

Dear friends,

If you have not yet voiced your personal support for Ryerson Church’s property redevelopment proposal through the official City of Vancouver Open House comment form, I would invite you to do so before the opportunity closes shortly. A City Planning Department decision on the proposal is expected by summer.  If you attended the February Open House and completed a comment form in person, there is no need to do the online version.

If the proposal is approved, this important acoustic for classical music will be preserved for future generations.

I’m available to answer any questions you may have about the plans as they relate to community-based music groups.



Morna Edmundson

Cell: 604-454-8000

Click here for read Paul Ohannesian's Comments

It's That Time of Year!

Spring has sprung and so have the 2017 BC Choral Federation Raffle Tickets.  Please don't stop reading!!!  Except for the Boston Pizza and Return-it casual fundraisers, the BCCF raffle is the only fundraiser the board is asking you to participate in this year.  It can generate $1200 for the ROCA coffers.  All money goes into the general account to benefit both chorus and orchestra. The prizes are great!  Cool, hard cash of $3000, $2000, $1000 and 10 prizes of $100 each. 

ROCA is given 100 books to sell and we must sell all of them or pay a penalty for those not sold. WE CANNOT JUST RETURN UNSOLD BOOKS. 

Please consider buying at least one whole book (only $20) for yourself.  And then buy one as a birthday or Mother's Day gift.  Buy one for someone as a thank you.  Buy one for your neighbour who raked up all your leaves while you were away last fall (that one's for me!). 

An anonymous donor has already bought 2 books for us to give away as prizes.  One goes to the person who sells the most (3 or more). Anyone selling 2 or more books will be entered into a draw for the second book.  A few years ago, one of these prize tickets won a big cash prize, $2000 I believe. 

Karen has the chorus tickets and Robert has the orchestra tickets.  Please get yours on Tuesday and sell, sell, sell!!