ROCA Mentorship Program


The ROCA Mentorship Program is a music scholarship opportunity that aims to encourage secondary and college students that have a strong interest in developing their musical potential and artistry by providing them with an opportunity to rehearse and perform with the Richmond Orchestra and Chorus.  

It is our goal to impart students with the skills necessary to pursue their artistic endeavors, to expose them to new musical experiences and help them build self-esteem and confidence in their musical pursuits.


Students are eligible for this project under the following requirements:

1)  Must be currently enrolled in a high school or college within Metro Vancouver.
2) All interested students must have some form of music experience in order to audition for placement.

Audition Information

Orchestra Audition Requirements

Piece: ONE piece in your current repertoire Orchestral.  This may include a selection or movement in a slow tempo as well as one in a lively tempo. The selections should demonstrate your tone quality, expressiveness, technique, and range.

Excerpts: At the request of the conductor, you may be required to prepare two excerpts.

Sight-Reading: Additional sight-reading may be requested by the Orchestral Director.


Richmond Chorus 2017 28 _MG_6751.jpg

Choral Audition Requirements

All applicants must have previous choral experience and good reading ability. 

Piece: Prepare one simple solo piece.

Other: Vocal range, timbre and technique will also be assessed during the audition.

How to apply?

Interested students can request more information by emailing