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The magic of the movies can take us from the streets of New York to the far reaches of outer space. We can admire the courage of the enslaved men and women on the Amistad or be entertained by the animated world of Walt Disney. And in every movie our understanding of the story is enhanced by the soundtrack, often leaving a lasting impression. Blue Skies might conjure up Fred Astaire’s amazing dancing, or you may be reminded, with Gabriel’s Oboe, of Father Gabriel’s selflessness in the jungles of South America. The Richmond Orchestra and Chorus hopes tonight’s music of Hollywood will bring back many memories of films you have enjoyed. The Orchestra and Chorus are very pleased to have William Lu join us in this endeavour. We are also honored to have Rebecca Hass as guest host. We welcome the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation as our Community Partner for tonight’s concert and thank its many volunteers and donors who contribute to this very important organization.

~ Cathy Bayley